Building a better NHS together

Bitesize e-learning, designed by NHS experts for NHS professionals, to help inspire and motivate the healthcare leaders of the future. 

Unlock your potential


Bitesize courses

30 minute modules, making it easier to fit into a busy day

NHS expertise unlocked

Real-life application of theory delivered by frontline NHS professionals

Tailored skills and knowledge

Customised to your specific NHS role or specialised area

Smart goals

Establishing personal goals and targets for enhanced development

Inclusive learning experience

 No matter your learning style, stay engaged with a variety of different resources

Online community 

Collaborate and conquer challenges together and learn from each other's experiences

Personalised coaching

Providing the option for personalised 1:1 coaching for those who need it

CPD accredited

CPD certificate issued on completion, to help meet staff accreditation needs

Our course categories


Power those essential soft skills such as problem solving, people relationships, and communication skills, to help you overcome all the challenges that can be present in an ever-changing, fast-moving workplace. 


Improve your operational skills and confidence to deliver, by building and developing on the foundations of technical skills needed to ensure the optimal management of NHS departments in an efficient and effective manner. 


Providing you with the unique set of skills you require to effectively lead and inspire your team for high performance. Effective leadership provides a lasting boost to productivity, wellbeing and team morale. 


Want to find your drive and connect your role with a feeling of purpose? Confidence and a growth mindset will aid this, giving you the motivation and resilience required to manage the stresses and strains that occur within a busy NHS trust.