Oct 25

Skilling up - why the need for NHS manager training is bigger than ever

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As a manager in the NHS, you’ll be no stranger to the argument that NHS management needs more investment. Sure, there is a great deal of training available - but is it the kind of training that provides tangible results and resource toolkits that really enable you to perform your role better and enhance performance?

With ongoing and arguably increasing challenges in the NHS, upskilling and investment in learning and development can make all the difference.

And we believe we have the solutions.

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Is regulation the answer?

The move towards greater regulation of NHS managers, in the same way that doctors, nurses and other healthcare professional are regulated, has been gaining momentum in recent months.

In fact, Labour – who, according to all the latest polls, would be the most likely party to form the next government – said last month it would introduce a tougher system of regulating NHS management if it came to power. It has already begun consulting the sector on how to approach such a change.

NHS England has already started to consider additional regulation, too. At a meeting in early September, Amanda Pritchard, CEO of NHSE, heard views from local NHS chairs and chief executives on the greater regulation of managers. According to the HSJ, one source present said that on the face of it, ‘they seemed to be in support of some form of strengthened regulation’.
You may also have seen that Matthew Taylor, CEO of the NHS Confederation, recently wrote an article for the Financial Times in which he argued that NHS managers ‘need better regulation, not just more of it’. In it, he argued that in designing any new regulatory framework for senior managers, ‘our starting point should be to develop a proportionate approach that gives primacy to certain key features. First among those is that we retain a commitment to an approach that places learning and improvement at its heart’.

Taylor goes on to say that ‘...the weight of evidence suggests many of the NHS’s challenges reflect a lack of investment in management’. So, while regulation is one factor being talked about to improve NHS management, it is far from the only solution.

Upskilling the workforce 

Normal text.We don’t need to tell you that there is also a real need for investment into upskilling managers that must happen alongside any potential regulation, something that was a key point in last year’s wide-ranging Messenger Review.

While it’s unclear exactly what regulation, if it were to be introduced, would look like, at present there is an opportunity for NHS Trusts to get ahead of the game by investing in the learning and development of managers.
As a team led by ex-NHS leaders, we understand that access to high-quality, bespoke training and e-learning courses can be hard to come by.
We are determined to change that. To provide bite-sized learning for you, the next generation of NHS managers, in a fun, interactive and engaging way that provides a toolkit of effective resources; making a tangible difference to how you work on a day-to-day basis.
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What is Evolve Learning?

The brainchild of Karina Malhotra - founder and managing director of Acumentice, and a former NHS manager herself - Evolve Learning is creating a healthier NHS by providing time-poor managers with bespoke, targeted courses that allow for personal and professional improvement, delivered in bite-sized chunks, so it can work around you.

Our courses, curated and delivered by frontline NHS experts, offer a blend of engaging learning methods designed to keep you at the forefront of best practice in the NHS and help you get ahead in your career. Just as importantly, they are fully interactive, catering to all learning styles, to keep you fully engaged throughout.
One of our biggest goals is to ensure our courses have a lasting impact, to create long-term change in the NHS rather than more short-term fixes and sticking plasters. You will receive regular check-ins throughout your learning and, once you’ve completed your course, we’ll also follow-up with you a couple of months afterwards to see how you’ve been able to implement the learning into your day-to-day role. We believe this is key to ensuring ongoing learning and development even after you’ve completed your learning with us.

Looking to the future

We’re so excited to be bringing this new learning programme to the NHS and you can look forward to getting started once we launch in the new year. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, working with the best L&D experts in the business to ensure all the latest learning techniques are included. This, we hope, will allow you to continue to make meaningful impact in your roles and cope with the challenges of the future.

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We know that training is going to be increasingly important to the NHS. In its recently released long-term workforce plan – the first in its 75-year history – ‘train’ was outlined as one of the three key priority areas alongside ‘retain’ and ‘reform’. The ambition is to significantly increase education and training to record levels. We are determined to play our part in making this a reality.

If you want to keep up to speed with all the latest Evolve Learning updates and news, please keep a close eye on this blog page and our LinkedIn page. If you want to find out more about our courses, please contact fizza.hassan@acumentice.com. Evolve Learning is a product created by Acumentice, a leading digital healthcare consultancy.